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GunWurkz is an Authorized Ruger Dealer! We sell the complete Ruger line of rifles and pistols including Ruger Mark III, SR-9, LC-9, SR22, LCP380. We also carry Ruger shooting accessories such as parts and Ruger magazines. Having a tough time finding the exact Ruger firearms you're looking for? We can easily special order Ruger firearms for you - direct from the factory. We cut out the middle man and save you money. Contact us for a quote. We would be happy to help.

Ruger Guns In Stock

Here is a current listing of the Ruger guns, parts, magazines, .22 conversion kits and other components we have in stock. We strive to add and subtract items as quickly as they are sold and received to keep this listing accurate. Some items may be gone before we can update this listing so feel free to Contact Us to verify. If the item you're looking for is not listed here, it's not in stock yet but we can special order. Just Contact Us with your request.


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The Ruger BX-25 Magazine was designed from the ground up, in-house at the Ruger factory, for flawless function and reliability in any Ruger 10/22 rifle or carbine. A rugged polymer body and follower make the magazine capable of handling prolonged use and almost any environmental condition. The steel magazine feed lips are engineered to withstand thousands of rounds without significant wear, drastically reducing ammunition feeding-related malfunctions and solving a problem that has plagued increased-capacity 10/22 magazines since their inception.


Acc Ruger BX-25 Magazine
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Ruger Magazine Extended & holds 9 rounds of 9mm for the Ruger LC9.


Acc Ruger LC9 Extended-9
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Extra 10 round magazine for you Ruger 22/45


ACC Ruger 22/45 Magazine
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Genuine Ruger Magazine for the Mini-14. This extended magazine holds 20 rounds of .223.


Acc Ruger Mini-14 20 round
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This standard 10 round Genuine Ruger magazine will fit the Ruger Mark III series only.


Acc Ruger Mark III 22LR Magazine
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An extra Genuine Ruger LCP 380 magazine. Comes in hand for your LCP.


Acc Ruger LCP 6 round Mag



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